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tv   12 News Today  NBC  September 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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look at the reds and yellows. it's going to be a good day. we're chipping away every day towards the end of monsoon. the end of the summer nonsense. will move into unbelievable weather that starts around mid- to late october. 2 for the valley. 3 for southeast arizona. pretty much red skies and a a slight chance of storms for today. >> that is a stunning sunrise. it's a nice view here if you get stuck in a jam. slow down on the 10 westbound. another crash up ahead around the broadway curve and now a secondary crash off to the side. a wall of traffic coming at you. speeds dropping into the 20s
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expect that slow down. also starting to see traffic picking up on the 10 westbound just past the 202. 40s around the durango curve and 20s on the 10 eastbound. tonight, it's going to be worse than your usual rush-hour drive. the 4:00 p.m. , look at the red. we have red zones all over. that means it is at a crawl. the speeds in the teens. that is because rush-hour and gained a traffic. if you're going to the game this will help of congestion around the stadium. check the color of your parking pass and use your go to exit. >> you have to tweet that out. one more dress rehearsal. than the lights are up on the
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tonight the cardinals are back in the valley for the final preseason game. we go live to the university of phoenix stadium. >> >> reporter: it's going to be packed. there are a lot of red zones. here in the west valley there will be a big red zone especially off the 101 near maryland. you can expect traffic delays whether or not you're going to the game. the kickoff starts it 6:30 and because of that rush-hour, lots open around 2:30. gates opening around 5 pm. law enforcement will be here. if you have a season pass or a single-game ticket you should plan your route before heading out to the university of phoenix stadium. make sure you know the color on your past and the easiest way to get there. the arizona cardinals saying another sellout game. fans are advised to leave hours
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open at at 2:30 pm. if you don't have advanced parking there 8 lots in the westgate shopping center. but if you're heading out, even if you're just heading home expect a lot of congestion and traffic. it is game day. we are playing the denver broncos. test of luck to the arizona cardinals. >> it will be a lot of fun. thank you. decision 2016. trump is off campaign event. that was not before his major immigration speech yesterday. if anyone thought he was going to soften his stance on immigration, they were wrong. we go live to the convention center where he said that he border wall would be built. jen? i the mood of trump's immigration speech is one of the many aspects every one is talking about. trump reiterating his stern
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the republican presidential nominee valley no amnesty for undocumented migrants in the us. speaking to a fired up crowd he hammered home the election is the last chance to put a halt to illegal immigration. lockdown the border and improve loss for us citizens. possibly one of the most critical moments of his campaign for president so far. trump reuniting with conservative voters who helped him get this far in his presidential campaign. this instead of more expansive group of americans. the stunned me just hours after visiting mexico city. it's still unclear what he would do with the nearly 11,000,000 undocumented people who are not criminals. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. and mexico will pay for the wall. and you can call it deported, the press does not like that term. you can call it what ever the
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they are gone. anyone who is entered the united states illegally is subject to deportation. that is what it means to have laws and to have a country. otherwise we don't have a country. >> reporter: after last night's speech there are a lot of reports that gop hispanics are leaving trump after what he said. we're live in phoenix. also today them accredit clinton is making to campaign stops in ohio. she will be joined by joe biden cotton polls show she has a 2 point national lead over trump. more politics. tim kaine will be interviewed live on the today show to give his rebuttal to trump's immigration plan. the deputy secretary of veterans affairs is in town. we go live outside the va medical center. >> reporter: he is expected to
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we're talking about sloan gibson. he will be talking with leadership employees and veterans who are currently receiving care at the va medical center. always here he will recognize -- while he is here he will recognize the current director on her retirement. she's been at the hospital for 9 months but is leaving for medical reasons. leadership here has been unstable f t ever since the healthcare crisis nationwide which was 1st exposed right here in the valley. the scandal became so bad even obama made a visit. the current director leaving, and interim director will be put in place until a replacement can be found. there are currently more than 80,000 veterans enrolled in the phoenix va system. we've brought you some of their nightmare stories and the issues they are facing.
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caught headlines coming your way. sentencing is set for a woman who ran over her boyfriend after finding out that he was hiv. we learned that she is looking any 5-you 5-8 year sentence. he was left with a fractured vertebrae and staples in his head. the court hearing for a woman who is accused of killing her 3 sons. she has many will be watching preseason football game not necessarily for the football. san diego chargers will honor our nation's military in a preseason game is a host the san francisco 49ers. that comes as controversy swirls around kaepernick's refusal to stand during the national anthem. nfl official will join the mayor of philadelphia for a special announcement. the news is not officially been
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will be the host for the 2017 nfl draft. it is been held in chicago for the past 2 years after new york city for decades. still ahead arts of florida are flooded this morning. tropical storm hermine crosses the sunshine state. where the storm is headed next. >> we will be tracking that closely along with radar. we have a couple of showers around the valley this morning. how they impact this long they will be around for. details straight ahead. she played luke and leia's mom. and called it one of the coolest things ever. not cool enough to show her own son? why natalie portman's hit the
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a little throwback thursday.
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from our family album. >> that was family night at the padres. the boy is my brother thomas. i don't know who that man in the middle is. hideout. -- hello dad. >> we want to see your pictures as well. send us your pictures on facebook, twitter and instagram. we will show them to you all day. let's check in the morning juice. >> star wars fans adore her but her biggest fan has yet to see the film. we're talking about deadly portman who played queen amidala. she has yet to show her son any of her movies. the oscar-winner opened up to late night jimmy kimmel to say it's a shame which may those films it was the coolest thing ever.
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showing her children. and then she realized her character dies and thought that might be scary to show your kid. maybe someday. the jonas brothers are back together. not really. just before the mtv music awards 2 parts stopped by a tattoo shop and got into. joe and nick got matching arrow tattoos on the backs of their arms. now when they stand next to each other the arrows point to the other person. the brothers have yet to say what the meaning is that we are guessing it has to do something how close they are. and help the other brother is left out. something like that. let's get to your juicy question. 20% of women say this happens to them every week at work. ready for hints?
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of this. >> so much for that spilling coffee. i can't imagine anyone enjoys it. >> flirt. >> a lot of people are saying it. >> have a flirt? is that we put it? i had the greatest for today. ny maybe an awkward comment? complement? >> you kind of enjoy it. >> i like awkward comments.
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1st the question. which freeway is the longest within arizona? this coming just before the big holiday weekend where everyone will take off and maybe had to the high country. the choices are interstate 10, interstate 40, us 60 and interstate 17. >> us. >> we have the whole board covered. >> i'm going to take any all of the above. >> i-10. >> that is by freeway. >> it does turn out that interstate 10 is the 4th longest in the country.
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-- 392 miles long. california to mexico. the 60 does come in 2nd. 369 miles. and the 40 comes in 3rd at 359 miles. the shortest is i-15. it's only 30 miles. take a look at the 10 westbound. a dual crash. speeds into the 40s from the 60 to the split. 22 minutes to downtown. 202, you can see the 10 eastbound is slammed. 30 minute drive from the 303 to downtown. you can see the speeds into the 30s from the 11 to the stack. severe weather alert for florida. storm hermine has flooded
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national hurricane center says some areas can expect between 10-20 inches of rain. as it moves across the state and along the golf course gulf coast. >> hawaii was worried about madeleine. but it lost its strengths and went to the south of the big island. now to have lester. still defined i. -- defined hurricane i. we do have that tropical storm hermine that will continue to push heavy rain. it's starting to get the florida. this will affect orlando tampa bay jacksonville it will be rough for those folks. it could be heavy as far as the rainfall. from what we can see in expect, some areas say it could possibly get up to 20 inches of
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to hit florida. georgia, south carolina, with carolina up toward the north. those winds at 65 miles per hour are expected to make hurricane strength at landfall tonight or tomorrow morning rather about 2 am. it should make landfall about 75 miles per hour and will move up and drop to tropical storm strength. it will hold a tremendous amount of water. >> here at home. this is gorgeous. orange. 87. currently 64 for winslow in prescott. 68. to for the valley and 8 for the white mountains. outside skies with a few clouds. starting at the 80s 3:00 p.m. 102. a few storms popping around the region.
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make its rain through. you can see we have been traffic -- tracking raindrops here. buckeye, avondale could see a little spangle. globe will get 85. a few storms popping for solo. flagstaff, you a better shot toward eastern arizona thursday, friday 20% chance of storm activity. 103. we state below average by sunday. still ahead, this picture for a mother to tears. how a chance encounter at lunch changed one boy's life forever. the cardinals play their final preseason game. taking on the denver broncos.
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take a look. a gorgeous rainbow outside the diversity of phoenix stadium in
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a pot of gold. hopefully for the cardinals. they take on the denver broncos tonight. now on your trivia question. the cardinals play their final preseason game tonight against super bowl champions denver broncos. we are wondering how many women's restrooms to they have their? last-minute guesses? >> as long as i don't have to wait i don't care. >> is it more or less than men? >> i want to say slightly more. florida state wide receiver rudolph will be an impact playmaker for the seminal's offense this season. he played an even more
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that is when the team went to visit the middle school. and that is when he saw little boy sitting alone at a lunch table. he grabbed some pizza and took a seat. struck up a conversation. it turns out the boy has autism and often sits alone. someone snapped this picture, send it to the boy's mom. she posted on facebook which has now been shared and like thousands and thousands of times. this was all over my feet >> it's a blessing for him. i hope he stays focused locked in and being the person he is. i feel like he is a great person. i love to hang out with him anytime. >> the best thing is he probably didn't have any idea the impact he was going to make. his mom said he had no problem finding people who want to sit
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one viral he was sitting at a table full of girls. well done. >> one little random act of kindness has changed his childhood. >> i thought it was cool because it usually things to go viral are funny pictures. this was just simple. i thought everywhere yesterday. >> and a simple act. >> he sat down to enjoy lunch. he changed a lot of lives. >> i guess the seminal's are okay. still ahead, we want to know has netflix changed how you watch tv? we will talk about that in
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what do doctors from leading cancer centers in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america home. expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer
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we will build a great wall along the southern border. >> trump makes a promise to supporters while laying out his 10 point plan on immigration.
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so important to the music industry. being single isn't easy. even for celebrities. what britney spears admitted about dating in hollywood. we will get to that in a bit. good morning. thank you for waking up with 12today. let's check your forecast. how much of a chance of rain? >> to on the monsoon meter. means it won't have complete coverage. there will be some hit or miss storms. looking toward the south around the airport we see a few clouds that will role in. the sun is peaking up over superstition mountains. temperatures will be in the 90s in the next hour. right now here's what we have. a couple of showers toward the south. the same energy coming in were tracking since yesterday. it's finally getting here.
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today temperatures in the 90s. a mix of clouds and sunshine with a high between 100 101 02. a double whammy on the 10 westbound. one it southern and another around the broadway curve. we're left with a domino effect. speed readings down into the teens where the 10 meets with the 60. it's hit and miss all the way back to the 202. a slower commute than usual. creek to downtown. 25 minute from the one want to downtown. chalk that up to rush-hour slowing. also joining is the 101 eastbound. it's going to be a terrible drive home. if you usually take the same route all the people taking to the game take, the timing is going to coincide. expect a very clogged 10 westbound especially through the
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again slow around the stadium. everyone will be using the nearby streets to get to the game. camelback. we have bethany homes, northern. if you're not going to the game consider i-17 or brand avenue to zigzag around. check your parking pass color because it will help you dodge some congestion. there different exits depending on the color. >> it's going to be busy but an awesome game. final season game. it's a big one. against the broncos. hausa going? >> reporter: it's going well. take a look behind me. no one is here yet. i can promise you this is going to be packed tonight with the kickoff scheduled for 6 xfinity. due to high traffic delays, rush-hour and people getting off work, everyone coming to the game, because of that they will open the parking lots at
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open at 5 pm. heavy traffic expected on the highways and surface streets all around the university of phoenix stadium. leave early and get a here as soon as you can because it will be a lot of congestion for the 6:30 kickoff. if you don't have advanced parking there are about 8 lots near the outlets. if you do, your color and know where you're heading. you can expect a lot of delays in construction happening as well. as early as 3 pm or 4 pm. >> get out early. donald trump is on to ohio for a campaign event. in the meantime he is not softening his stance on illegal immigration. he delivered a much anticipated speech in downtown phoenix.
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center where he kept saying the border wall will be built. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump not letting up on his immigration policy. and certainly reiterating that over and over. the republican is essential nominee saying no amnesty for migrants who are undocumented into the us. he is also focusing on supporting american citizen workers. there are reports of gop hispanics leaving trump after last night's speech. speaking to a fired up crowd, hammering home the election is the last chance to put hold to illegal immigration, walked on the border improve loss for citizens. his stop in phoenix was possibly one of the most critical moments in his campaign for president. reuniting with conservative voters who helped get this far. some paints -- some points made, at the top, building a
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criminals. funding -- a lack of funding for sanctuary cities. and verifying employees are legal. taking care of workers. this was me just after visiting next, city where mexico's president insured the country they would not pay for the border wall. despite trump declaring the opposite. >> great people and great leaders but they're going to pay for the wall. we will begin working on powerful pitiful southern border wall. our message to the world will be this, you cannot obtain legal status or become a citizen of the united states by a legally entering our country.
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>> reporter: he did it now to create a deportation task force focused on hunting down the most dangerous criminals. talk about this on facebook and twitter. let us know what you think. live in phoenix. meanwhile for the democrats an event in ohio. hillary clinton dismissed trumps visit to mexico calling it a photo op. democratic nominee charged that trump has sent insult and insinuation to mexico for a year with -- which cannot be fixed by short visit. you don't build a coalition by insulting our friends or acting like a loose cannon. you do it by putting in the slow hard work. building relationships. getting countries, working
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>> today clinton will make 2 more campaign stops in ohio. she will be joined by vice president joe biden. new polls showed she has a 2 point national lead over trump. new this morning the deputy secretary of veterans affairs is in town. we go live outside the va medical center. good morning. >> reporter: this comes amid controversy leadership. sloan gibson it will be here later today. while he is here he will recognize the current director deborah on her retirement. she is at the hospital for the past 9 months. she's leaving for medical reasons. leadership at the va has been unstable since the healthcare crisis that happened nationwide which was 1st exposed here in the valley. the scandal became so bad that
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director will be put in place until a permanent one can be found. we have had a number of nightmare stories in terms of issues that some of the veterans have had with care and things like that. we will have reports on 12 news and 12 new this morning we're talking about morning juice. awkward photos. actor orlando bloom admits he was embarrassed about naked photos that went viral. the pictures showed a naked orlando paddle boarding with girlfriend katy perry. it sounds dangerous. perry had a bikini.
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to find out. she admitted orlando texted her to warn her about the pictures. her response to orlando, really? were you thinking? [music]. >> it's just one of those songs he can't not dance to. more than 200 musicians have legally voiced their support fopp blurred lines ruling. the musicians filed a brief support saying this case could impact their own created a. last year a jury awarded marvin gaye's family $5 million saying blurred lines the hit song it copied his 1977 hit got to get it up. but now other musicians i think something like this can't really 5. if you want to keep
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let's get to the juicy question of the morning. this happens to one out of 5 working women every week. on this show we have myself, with tram, did this happen to any of us? final guesses. >> now i am stumped. >> fell in love with >> chief meteorologist she is married. -- jimmy, she is married. >> i am pregnant. >> asked out by a coworker. still ahead, has netflix
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in the morning mix. not even any spears can make some men moves. why she says celebrities have the same problems as everyone else it comes to dating. are watching 12today.
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welcome back. another gorgeous start in the valley.
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narco 2 hits netflix. it's based on the true story of the rise and fall of clumping kingpin. early reviews of the 10 episodes say it becomes a full- blown addiction. it got us thinking, has netflix and other streaming options, now that they start making tv shows, changed how watch an episode. now you get them all at once and binge watch. >> completely change. there is no more appointment tv. especially when you are addicted , like me his house of cards. for many others i can see just sitting there and watching it all. because the way the end, they are cliffhangers. you have to watch the next one.
6:44 am
a lot of people just can't stop. >> what is so sad is there is a withdrawal after the season ends. >> a lot of people have withdrawal about this. a new hit series on netflix. 83 million people subscribe to netflix. breaking bad creator saying it is in binge amounts. >> how long of your binge amounts been? >> i love breaking bad. i might be one of the people who watch it week after week. >> we are binging on all or nothing. stars are just like us when it comes to dating. brainy spears is outlining awkward reading -- dating expenses.
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she really liked in the sky. but the guy obviously is not really into her. she said she was nervous. she lost 6 pounds. she was bumped. but i want to know, who is the guy? and i don't know, it's hard for me. it's hard for me to believe that they are just like us. >> britney spears, one of the biggest pop stars. >> she has a hard time finding a day. >> i can see that. i will date her. pregnant and mary. i'm happy to do it. 2 it probably is hard to find people to look at the true person of who she is. there are so much of who you see on tv -- the stage and it's probably not the true britney spears. >> she can take her $100 bears
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look at her relationships. you don't feel bad for her? >> that's why said. it's hard for us to feel bad. let's check traffic. >> it is a 40 minute drive on the 10 eastbound from the 303 to downtown. this crash will not help. it involves a motorcycle. it's knocking out the hov lane. sneak by on the right. it is going to slow things down even more. we're beginning to see you're past that it's back to the gas pedal. and then there are the brakes. from the 101 downtown. we have stop and go on the 10 westbound and basically all of our freeways showing rush hour. a sluggish ride. also police sending out a notification to avoid this intersection a serious collision.
6:47 am
creek but there's a lot of jammed up traffic. maybe chandler heights. arizona avenue. 10 westbound collets protect them. 20s for speed readings from queen creek to the 60. once you're past that it's 7 minutes to the split. another 2 minutes to downtown. still looking good on the 202. 11 eastbound building volume. half hour drive from 75th to scottsdale road. 30 toward the 51. 51 southbound 16 minutes from the 11 to the mini stack. 11 northbound 25 minute drowned -- drive. the 8:00 hour drive, still slammed on the 10 westbound and 10 eastbound. 20s the 17 and 30s on the 202. we're taking -- checking the tropics.
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south of the hawaiian islands. the next problem will beat leicester coming in with strong winds. still a ways off. to the gulf of mexico we move. dig storm activity. tropical storm hermine. now continuing to move up, a tremendous amount of rainfall. slamming into the florida coast. right now the winds are very strong and have hurricane warnings posted for portions of the coastline. this will be a lot of rainfall. some say up to 20 inches of rain. this is a lot of rain and flooding expected all the way along the gulf coast. as far as winds, 65mph. if it strengthens, which is expected to turn into a hurricane, possibly tomorrow morning at landfall at about 2 am, somewhere around the
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something we don't have to worry about. we do get affected by them when they break up to the south but it's been quiet for us. a few high clouds. and shower activity is starting to tap off. it will fire back up later today. it recharges. we don't get rain to recharge so today could have a better shot of little rainfall. a little shower activity. a high of 102. that's nice because it's going to be a little below average. scattered showers possible for global. 82 sedona. 80 prescott. 105 here. look for temperatures at about the low average thursday and friday. 20% chance of rain and we start to dry out my saturday. sunday 100 and we start to go into a dry pattern into next week.
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today the arizona supreme court will hear the appeal of the death sentence. aaron was sentenced to die for murder back in 2002. he killed the husband of his government. 2 people are displaced after a house fire in mesa. the home suffered a lot of damage. investigators are working to find out what caused that. there are still over 80,000 ballots to be counted tuesday's election. that is the word from maricopa county r the air. stay with us for your election updates. a voter initiative legalizing recreational marijuana will be on the november ballot. the supreme court has rejected a final legal challenge to the measure in arizona. the group called arizonans for responsible drug policy did not have a right to sue. clinton's presidential campaign begins to air television ads tomorrow in arizona. the clinton campaign template
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this comes on the heel -- heels of donald trump's immigration speech. donald trump campaigns in ohio today. in the meantime there is no softening in the immigration policy spelled out by trump in his speech given last night in phoenix. he said if elected there will be no legal status to those who enter the country illegally. and insisted the border wall he favors will be paid for by mexico. we're learning the 5 attraction near scottsdale. that has been the site of several protests. the dolphins arrived from california. a swim with the dolphins exhibit is set to open this month or next. for the 2nd time in 2 weeks nasa astronauts are walking in space. there currently living on the international space station. today they will work on part of the space station schooling system. this will be the 195th spacewalk from the iss units
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thinking about christmas shopping, walmart is. the retail giant is starting its holiday layaway program tomorrow. the layaway total must come to at least $50. samsung delayed shipments of 2 galaxy phones. this was made after the reports of batteries exploding. several people posted videos. it's not full just yet but the calendar shows spice latte at starbucks will begin today. it is a fall favorite since being introduced in 2003. more than 200 million sold since they debuted. we have a final check of your weather and traffic before you head out to start your day.
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we're following breaking news. explosion has rocked the space x one site in cape canaveral florida. you can see smoke is dissipating. nasa says space x was conducting a test firing of its unmanned rocket when the blast
6:56 am
away. there are multiple explosions the continue for several minutes. investigators have not said what exploded or why. the rocket was set to take off from cape canaveral on saturday. it was supposed be caring and israeli satellite. we will follow this as we go through the day and have updates later. 2 big snags your morning drive. 10 eastbound at litchfield. this involving a motorcycle blocking the hov lane. keep right. streets, a serious crash, so many units responding. heavy police are saying avoid this area. the queen. assuming things out, we are in the red zone on the 10. a lot of slow spots here. certainly this one takes the cake. especially with the crash at
6:57 am
to downtown. 17 is a 35 minute ride from 303 to the split. 60 westbound down into the 30s. for today, starting out hazy. 102 for the high. it's below average. it's good to be below average when it comes to temperatures here in the valley. we do start to dry out by the weekend. final take away, my favorite story of the day is that florida state player who sat down to have lunch with the o so changed his life. >> mine was the traffic trivia which tram guest correctly. interstate 10 is the longest interstate here in arizona. 392 miles. cardinals take on the denver broncos. am so happy. >> kaepernick's playing today. he is a quarterback for the
6:58 am
he is protesting police brutality. this is a huge controversy. with the stand or sit? >> he says he's going to sit the whole season. >> it's also interesting it's on a night where they are honoring the military. >> have the flight that covers the whole field. >> keeping that in mind. he's going to be sitting on the bench, >> college football kicks off today. it's back. go gators. >> my house just got louder with my husband and the buckeyes. >> about my bruins? >> 12 news is always on.
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good morning.>> state of emergency. florida braces for the worst with tropical storm hermine expected to become a hurricane as it bears down on the gulf coast. evacuations now under way there and then it's set to slam nearly the entire eastern seaboard. how will it affect your labor y plans? we're tracking it all live. who's telling the truth? donald trump meets with the president of mexico and then says this about that wall he wants to build. >> we didn't discuss payment of the wall. >> the mexican president says it not only came up, he told trump mexico isn't paying for any wall. back in the states, trump is back to his biggest applause line. >> mexico will pay for the wall.


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